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    I love all four of mine but that being said I also have warbonnet as well and sure enjoy it too. Both are fine hammocks and if you look in my pack right now you will find the blackbird. I have most certainly put my clarks through allot of tougher weather, And I am real impressed with the way the blackbird lays.

    either are good hammocks its just a matter of if you want to buy everything individually or have it all at one time. There are some real real good post on both and video's on both. do your homework before you spend the money.

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    I have just about every hammock made but my favorites are my Clarks. I like the lay better, I like the features better and I like the all in one system better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlink View Post
    How is the Clark NA, or TX 150 for sleeping on your side? Do those pockets really work on the NA.
    love my Clark!! You asked if the pockets really work. I have the Tropical and it's pockets are fewer and more spread apart than the NA. To compair them, my friend has a NA and I got to get in her's during last summer when the day time temps were over 105 degrees. Both of us had no under quilts or sleeping pads in it or any kind of extra insulation in either hammock. I was only able to stay in her hammock for a few minutes due to being much hotter than I am in my Tropical hammock. I attribuite this to the NA having all those pockets under it as that was the only basic difference between our two hammocks. We have both also camped in winter temps together and I've found that I need a "LOT" more added insulation to keep me warm than she needs to add to her hammock. So that's my assesment of the pockets. I really don't much use mine.

    As far as sleeping on my side. Well that's about the way I sleep all the time. Only it's sort of half way on my side. Although sometimes I will be totally on my side. Like someone else said, I lay down in the hammock and next thing I know, it's morning.


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