I'm getting married in the fall, and we just booked our tickets for a three-week dream vacation to travel around Europe by rail. We'll be bouncing from country to country, taking in as many sights as we can.

We'd really like to hammock at least part of it, but have no idea how to find appropriate campsites, or how to get to those campsites without too much interruption to our touristy pursuits, since we'll be traveling primarily to destinations that are easily reached by train. This isn't a hiking trip, it's a tourist 'take in the culture' trip, but we'd still like to use the hammocks some nights.

Does anyone have any ideas or pointers to websites that might help us find places to hang? Any thoughts on what the rules might be in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France? Any hints on how to talk to a cop when you speak two languages - english, and bad english, when you get caught hanging somewhere you shouldnt?