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If you used fence railing, you could possibly have 2-piece poles, 3' or so long. I was thinking of strapping my tripod setup upright to the sissy bar. It'd stick way up, and look funny, but I deal with enough funny looks that it wouldn't matter. Hmmm. I need to figure out a way to have the sissy bar be the support on one side.
If you hung a flag off it, people would just think it was a flag staff.

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This idea is very close to the one I made. I don't know what it weighs. I used 8' boards and angled them so that they take more of the load off the anchors. I like the idea of your anchors, and my try one of these to cut space more than anything. Nice looking and it works.

My stand, using a 2"x4", the end has sunk in the ground a little, but only about 1" to 1.5". And that was with 2 days of rain. So I understand your concern with using pipe.
I had seen stands using poles and anchors before (and I like your's by they way). The big advance I was going for was minimizing the transport size. That is what made the nesting so appealing.

It sounds like my sinking should be similar in soft ground. Possibly a bit worse as the end size of the 2x4 is larger than my poles even after they are capped.

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If using a plate like this one, you could also carry 4 extra stakes, 2 on each plate, to keep it from slipping. Then you would not need the rope at the bottom. Just a thought.
As the poles will probably sink a bit, the pole moving is probably not that big of risk after they have been loaded. However, what I really like about the lower cords is that it makes setting the position of the pole relative to the pegs is very quick and easy.

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What he said! Great stuff. I was thinking "hammock stand" from the word go during the "stake boom" thread.
Yea BB, based on the beefy booms I was showing, I figure many people saw the writing on the wall.