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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerNation View Post
    Love this stand idea and am going to look at building one. I must say, though, that I thought that I understood how all of this worked until I read this paragraph. I'm a little lost as to what is being described here and am hoping that someone can flesh it out for me.


    I didn't dig back through to see exactly why I made that comment, but here is the gist of it - you want the stake on the left, not the one on the right.

    Make a conscious effect to drive the stake so that the boom is flat with the ground or even slightly raised on the tip. That will make sure the stake is driven all the way into the ground so it provides maximum hold and the tip of the boom is more easily accessed for attaching the guy-line.

    Simply put, avoid the stake on the right. Less stake is holding and it is not taking advantage of the angles as well.

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