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    Just got my hammock and bugnet!

    Well folks. My name is Keith. I'm in Ohio near Cleveland. My life sucks so bad I decided to hang myself. Now before y'all get to dialin them there phones let's just calm down and and continue reading. I had a two bedroom apartment with my woman, Candy. My nickname is Cowboy, forum names everywhere as white_feather. Her nickname is TaurusMoon everywhere. We moved in with a friend who has had several prevoius roomies move out and dog her for the rent. Her house is nice so Candy and I decided to stay with her, save money and run off to California next year where her family lives. After to weeks of staying with our friend we understand why they move out. She's like the Mommy Dearest version of room mates. How do you spell room mate anyway? Is it roomate? Roommate? Who knows. So on...
    I said screw this and pitched a tent in the backyard. Two days later, Candy's brother told us to come out to his place and live. I said I would so long as I can sleep in the backyard. Small four man tent is way too hot with little ventilation. Went and bought a 14X8 tent and it is awesome. For me. Candy says she enjoys tent living. After a month of it she's worn down. I told her to just fly back to California and stay with her parents for a while. Do a bunch of visitin'. I said I'll just hang myself until you get back. You shoulda seen the look on that girls face.
    Okay. So I sat her down and 'splained' it all to her. Now I have a hammock. I'm gonna hang myself for the first time tonight. It's weird. You hang yourself to end depression but You still get up tomorrow morning.
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