Thanks again, everyone!

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I just recently setup a continuous ridgeline using dutch hooks and dutch tarp flyz and would highly recommend it. You can get the parts here

And there is a video of how to complete the setup here.
I got my mesh snake skins from OTG. They are nicely made.

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View all of Shugs hammock videos and then review Professor Hammocks videos on suspensions and you should have a good idea of the direction you want to go that fits your needs and likes.

Separate tarp line allows you to store your tarp outside of your main pack and set it up first in the rain for shelter without exsposing your internal pack contents to the elements. Again Shug & Professor Hammock videos should answer most of your questions. Happy Hanging and I will be watching for your Trail Journal entires next year. It is always great to follow a hammick hanger on the AT
Thanks, bluejeans!