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    An awesome Father's Day!

    Well, my amazing wife got me a killer gift for Father's Day, a RAB Quantum Endurance 400, 25 degree mummy bag, stuffed with 850+ European Goosedown. It's under 2lbs, and it packs down to almost NOTHING. I can't wait for my first winter hang now!

    The materials are pretty sweet. Pertex inner lining, and Pertex Endurance outer shell. Super light and highly water resistant. Man, I think this stuff would make a GREAT tarp if you could find it for a decent price, in quantity.

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    I had an awesome Father's day as well.

    My wife bought me an Alpine 20* bag that weighs about half of what I've been carrying. She also picked up a new waist pack and new 2 liter bladder for me, and descender rings/carabiners to speed my setup on my hammock suspension.

    My sons kicked in and ordered an Osprey Kestrel 68 to replace my mil issue large ruck and frame. They also bought me a MSR pocket rocket stove and GSI Soloist cookset.

    Last but not least...we're heading out for a weekend of hanging/camping tonight!!!

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