This past weekend I went out with my 7 year old son and my good buddy to a local nature park for a overnighter. This was my sons first time out that he had to carry most of his stuff but not his first night in his hammock. The forcast was for rain so we decided to hang inside a gazebo that is in a far corner of open fields to make getting up in the morning a little easier. We packed light and went in just before dark to minimize the amount of people that would be around, set up our hammocks and hung around until bed time. It rained like crazy but we were snug in our gazebo and it was nice to hear the rain on the steel roof all night. Everyone had a great sleep and we will definitely be going back to this spot again with the rest of our family very soon. With ocean views on one side and 200 year old farm fields on the other this is one of our favorite "close to home" spots we like to go. Thanks for reading