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    Quote Originally Posted by Bomber View Post
    That's a sweet tarp you acquired there OaB
    (yet another case of gear envy from DK )

    Do you have a pic of it next to the WBBB, where both it's packed(for size comparison)
    Hi Bo,
    The HMG comes in a rather large cuben stuffsack.
    The tarp was folded not randomly stuffed approx size 8"x11"x1.5" (20.3cm X 27.9cm X 3.8cm)
    Heck I could pack the tarp and WB traveler hammock in it.

    I probably won't use the HMG stuffsack for the tarp. It's the right size for extra cloths or a food bag.
    I have several small zpack's cuben stuffsacks that I believe will work better.

    First photo after opening the pachage.

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