I'm planning on using some paracord I have to make a homemade SlapStrap Pro system. The only issue is I want it to be incredibly similar to the original. I'm planning on using a bowline knot for the end and then alpine butterfly knots for the securing loops. I just have two questions.

1) should this plan (550 lb. 7-Strand Type III Paracord) be strong enough? will the multiple knots weaken the rope any and do i have good ideas for the knots or are there better knots to use and

2) what are the measurements
[a] between each of the securing loops
[b] between the end loop and the first securing loop
[c] total length when finished

A picture diagram of these would be awesome (if my requirements are a little oddly worded)
EDIT: Or if i just am a terrible person and am clueless about the setup of the slap strap system

Me and all the Cheap-O's of the world thank you