Hi All,

Searched the threads (Briefly) and couldn't find much about the below subjects.

a) UnderQuilts - I've been using a foam sleeping mat inside my Expedition until recently, however I traded them both in for a Hyperlight & Te-Wa UQ. (The UQ hasn't arrived yet). While I'm waiting for the UQ I wondered if anyone out there had any specific issues/hints/tips when using an UQ with a Hennessy? (PS. Got some Triangle-Thingies on order as well.)

b) WhoopieSlings - I really do like the simplicity/comfort of Hennessy's (& the lightweight of my Hyperlight), but I'm considering swapping out the stock suspension line for Whoopie-Slings (x2 6' Whoopies, Straps & Toggles already in my possession). I'm in no real rush to replace the stock tarp with a Hex or the like, but I'm concerned the stock anchor point Prusik knot for the asym tarp will slip back on the Whoopie slings causing the tarp to sag? Anyone got any experience/solutions with that?

c) Angle of the Dangle - I've been present during the hanging of a couple of WBBB's and much has been mentioned regarding the angle that the suspension should drop away from the tree. I've always found with my Expedition that mounting the tree straps at head height and drawing the suspension almost level (Reasonably tight enough for the hammock to be almost completely horizontal while inside the snakeskins) resulted in my hammock ending up with a good ground clearance and comfortable lay. Anyone have any do's/don'ts with that?

Apologies for being a bit greedy with the questions.....