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Lol I have done more camping since January this year then I have in the last 10 years. I have done 17 nights since. I have at least that many nights for the rest of the year.

So how many have made hammocks with their troops. So we may be able to plan for this does anyone know what the cost per hammock run. It would be nice to be able to budget for it.

You are off to a good start there, keep the schedule up!

We did a make your own gear project a few years ago that was a good experience for the boys and the leaders learned a few things too. We also saved a ton of money building our own gear rather than writing a check, but to me the most valuable lesson was that we could indeed make our own gear and even if it's not a perfect stitch it holds up and that sense of "I made this myself" is a pretty cool thing to pass along to our youth.

A few yards per hammock at Hancock Fabrics or your store of choice along with a large spool of high quality polyester thread will get you headed in the right direction. That and a pattern, either from Papa Smurf (which might be at camp at the moment) or one of the many other members here.

Happy Trails...