Hello There ASM and Crew Advisor for Troop 55 Riverside RI and Crew 55 Riverside RI

For the troop all the adults (6) are now hanging on campouts and a lot of the boys have expressed interest in the hammocks. However the SM and the rest of us adults think that it is best not to alow the scouts sleep in hammocks unless they are the spl. We want them to learn the importance of relying on your buddy ie one boy carries the tent and one boy carries the food. we feel that this method is better to teach the boys that they should be working with their fellow scouts and not simply donig everything themselves.

On the other side of this when I first started the Crew It was only me and one other adult and one boy who was in a hammock and now we are almost a full crew of hanger we have 13 out of 16 youth hanging. now the only issue is having enough trees for everyone lol.