Itinerary is very important more detail the better where you will be camping each night and the intended route. My suggestions is never very from this while alone. For your first outing go to some place that you are familiar with that you will have at least a few others there to see if you like it. Make sure you hike a good distance. My first solo trip I got to camp early set up my perfect hang, collected and stockpiled wood, filtered water for an army and then ran out of things to do. To be safe always hang your food or cannister it in bear country. It is easy to be sillent when hiking by yourself so sing a song every once in awhile to alert predators of your presance. I hike in moutain lion country and as long as you are loud they avoid your presence. It is definatley better to leave those type of encounters to when you are with others. No cougar food for me!