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    Really appreciating your feedback! If I want to be able to repair a failed piece without replacing an entire expensive hammock, should I look into buying a setup with a lot of individual detachable pieces, rather than one of the more "everything you need in a box" complete hammocks? I'd much rather pay a lot up front than buy something that seems like a consumable.

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    I quess the question is what will you have with you to make emergency repairs. In as much as the hammock fabric/tarp is reliable as long as it is well cared for your next liabilities are the bug net and suspension. If you will be carrying amsteel with you as a back up rope then go with whoopie slings and learn to make your own. If you will having webbing in abundance as a resource go with a webbing based suspension.

    A simple needle and thread repair kit will see you thru any bug net rips and tears, at least on an emergency basis.

    The truth is... most commercial hammocks with notable exceptions usually end up with a new suspension system before too long any way. That's just the way it goes.
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