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    Math check needed on fabric weight

    I decided to try and figure out what the actual weight of my wally world fabric is and want make sure I got this pretty close.

    I didn't cut out 1 yard and try and weight it but rather used the weight of my double layer hammock.

    It has some 7/64th amsteel on each end to create the fabric bundle which I've tried to account for. I'm assuming to weight of the sticking is irrelevant.

    Double hammock nylon weight
    Hammock without suspension = 13.5 oz
    Each end has approximately 30 inches of 7/64 amsteel
    30 inches * 2 ends = 60 inches or 5 feet.
    7/64 weighs 0.30 lbs per 100 feet.
    0.30 /100 =.003 lb per foot
    .003 * 5 = .015 lbs of amsteel or 0.24 oz of weight
    Weight of fabric + stiching = 13.5- .24 = 13.26 oz
    Area of fabric = (10.5 feet long * 60 inches wide ) *2 layers
    21 * 5 = 105 square feet or 11.67 square yards.
    13.26oz /11.67 yards = 1.13 oz per yard.
    Thus the weight of the actual fabric is probably 1.1oz per yard.

    Does this match what others have found for the dark olive grid patterned nylon at Wally?

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    It sounds reasonable. Although the fabric at Wally World is usually mill ends and overruns so the color is not always a good indicator of what the fabric is. That would be light for most of the WW stuff but certainly not unheard of.
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