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    Thanks everyone I'm glad you enjoyed the TR.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fronkey View Post
    You are always so lucky with the wildlife. Great photos, especially the moose ones. You gotta love it when your lady kicks you out. It's one of the best excuses to get out in the woods. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Fronley, I really have been lucky with animal sitings this year. I'm not doing anything different there just seems to be more out there. I'm not complaining it's great.

    Quote Originally Posted by MAD777 View Post
    Wow! you found the perfect camp site requiring almost no effort.
    Great pictures. I come out to Colorado to ski often but I got to do some Colorado hiking.
    I no longer resort ski (down hill) it just got too crowded and expensive for me.
    If you ever find yourself out here and would like to play in the snow at a bit slower pace I'm always looking for an excuse to snowshoe pull my pulk and hang. Look me up.

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    I looked through your facebook pictures. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, now I want to come out west!

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