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    Weekend Hike and Hang Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado

    So the wifey said “get out!”. I need to spring clean over the weekend. You'll just get in the way.

    Don’t have to ask me twice for a free kitchen pass like that, haha,
    I needed some high altitude hiking to get read for the Colorado Summer Hang next month anyway.

    So I jumped in the SUV and headed North to Boulder Colorado and West to the Roosevelt National Forest.
    I had hoped to get into the Indian Peaks Wilderness area but quickly found the TH had 6’ of snow blocking
    my way.

    No way was I heading home just because my first idea did not pan out. Out comes the NF maps.
    Since the trails are snow packed time to find a fire road open to hikers. Just so happened there was
    one just 3 miles down the road. Time to do a little exploring.

    Just as I had hoped the fire road was clear and talking to other hikers this road leads to a big high mtn lake
    just 2 miles up with only 700ft of elevation to climb. Oh Boy, can’t wait to see this lake.

    OK 2 miles and 700ft done, time to make camp.

    I guess no trip report is complete without a gear list, so here's mine.
    Aarn MM55 pack, HMG cuben 11x8 tarp, WB Black BB, HG summer 3/4 UQ, WL 3S TQ.

    PANO from the hammock

    Cup of Joe (shug style) to all my HF friends, Cheers.

    What's that! A moose walking into my camp!?!

    Wolly cow I mean bulls, there's two.

    What a GREAT DAY. Found a new place to hike maybe fish. Saw my first moose in Colorado.
    Life just does not get any better than this.

    So if there is a moral to this TR it's don't give up just because your first idea falls thru.

    If you'd like to see more photos from this trip, as always, I have them loaded to my facebook.
    NO FB account required to view.

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