i looked at the different versions of pad converters the jacks have on their site now. pretty cool.
i`ve wondered about a way to attach a quilt to the pad, or a pad sleve.
maybe using velcro like the jacks did, or a zipper like jeff did.
but i also have recently started using a ccf pad as an extra large wind shield to help the smaller wind screen on my stove.
i have made a tripod using my trekking poles & a stick to support the ccf pad. i have also just used the trekking pole as it was being used as an accessory line like we talked about in another thread.
but if your getting any real wind, the pad needs an attachment of some kind to hold it to the poles. it doesnt take much.
i have just put a hole through the pad & run a short piece of string through.
but because of some muti-use ideas, i`ve thought about adding velcro to the edge of the pad.
so jacks, how do you attach the velcro to your GG pad?