I only have experience with 3 of the tarps you listed: Warbonnet Asym-Diamond, OES Standard, and OES Micro.

Any of these will work for your hammock; easily.

The Micro will be the smallest, but since you are a self-proclaimed ULer, the lack of additional space under the tarp shouldn't bother you.

The Standard is going to be the next size larger. Honestly, this is probably my favorite sized tarp for when ounces matter. The Micro will just cover your hammock, with little room to spare. The Standard is going to give you a little extra on the sides that will, for the most part, ensure that any gear on the ground under you will stay as dry as you from falling rain. IMO, it's a perfect comprimise between weight and useable space.

The Warbonnet Asym-Diamond is a good tarp that provides quite a bit of useable space under cover. The shape took me back to my first tarp (HH stock asym) and made me feel a little misty about days gone by. However, the WB asym provides much more coverage. It's still a minimilst tarp, but it doesn't really feel that way when you are under it. If I have one problem with the WB Asym-Diamond, it is the lack of a ridge seam. In order to get a really crisp pitch (personal preference, I know) you really need to use a full-length ridgeline above, or below, the tarp. I just don't really like, or see the need for, a ridgeline on my tarps. However, I like the design enough that I took it with me about 50% of the time this summer.

Never heard a bad thing about MLD, but I don't own any of their gear.
Wilderness Logics is one of those outfits on my list, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

If it were me, I'd pick an OES Standard. Not because of quality over the others, but due to it's ideal size, shape, and weight to me.

Good luck!

Edit: Got caught replying to a dated thread; darn it!