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  • S-Biners

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  • Toggles

    23 18.25%
  • Soft Shackle/Nacrabiners

    38 30.16%
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    I use a CRL with a microbiner hitched to one end and a trail stick toggle held in place with a cow hitch using loops to tighten the other end (as with the marlin spike hitch, use the knot, not the toggle, to bear the load). I finish off with a double slippery half-hitch on that end.

    To attach the tarp to the CRL (which never comes off unless I need to do some maintenance on it), I use the prusik loops with clips that came with my Hennessy. I've detached them from the Hennessy's suspension and retied them as klemheists to the CRL.

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    A Prussic on both ends of the ridgeline attaches to the tarp with a quick release knot til my dutch hooks turn up. RidgeLine is attched to trees by an Alu hook at one end and figure 9 at the other-again, til my Flyz turn up.

    I find it much easier keeping it all together, makes setting up a breeze.

    I like to have the tarp hung but pushed all the way to one tree for rapid deployment in our lovely unpredictable waether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PackBacker81 View Post
    I use some soft shackles prussics that I made from Opie's pictoral here. While I haven't needed to remove my tarp from my CRL, I like the fact that I can very easily. For the ends of the CRL I'm using a knotbone and one of Dutch's tarp flyz.
    A couple of weeks back I posted this... since then I've switched out the knotbone for a Dutch hook (Thanks Dutch!). I really like the hook and can't believe how tiny the thing is. I got a chance to try it out in the backyard this weekend and it works great. I use 2.2 mm Lash-It! for my ridgeline, so I was a little worried that the hook might not work with the larger diameter cord. It worked great and is a little faster than using the knotbone.

    Speaking of the knotbone, when I removed the old one from my ridgeline it seems as though the knotbone had been twisted. Didn't seem to affect the strength of the thing but the whole thing was def twisted around. I'm guessing it was the result of some fairly strong winds we got on our last trip to Mt Rogers. I'll post pics of the knotbone when I get home.

    I've attached pics of the knotbone. This was my first DIY splicing project and I think that might have played a role as I didn't tighten the eye around the knotbone.
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