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    Hey all,

    I tried my hand at hanging awhile back (no money for a bed so a hammock was the next best thing) but i got in a rush and didn't do it right so my shoulders were all rolled up and it just wasn't comfortable. Fast forward to now, another stunted money tree, and a hankering for road trips on my motorcycle, have brought me back to the art of hanging. lol. This time im doing it right though, I picked up some 1.9 ripstop hemmed the edges, and formed a crude setup in my yard with some paracord. (I know paracord is a terrible line to use for hammocks, its only temporary, lol) Ive got amsteel on the way and i already have the webbing for the tree straps. Im going with a setup like shug's got in part 1 of his series. I look forward to picking your brains and learning more about the most comfortable way to camp ever.

    Now on to a question i cant seem to find the answer to, how do you tell what kind of material webbing is made from? I found some tube webbing at my local surplus store and when it cuts it looks like the polyester straps i have cut. heres a picture.
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