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    Firstly, I like to try to make my posts as educative as possible, hence the number of links contained within it

    Secondly, I've been planning this hike since late last year and after meeting a like-minded Perthite, Browny on HF, we started making plans to do it the weekend of 9/10 July with another friend of mine also tagging along.

    For me, the hike has a small coincidental bit of significance. In 2007 my wife and I were married at the Forrest Centre in Perth, Western Australia. The Forrest Centre is a replica of Alexander Forrest's home in Perth and subsequently at some point in time was turned in to a nursing school, where my wife's grandmother studied.

    Alexander's brother was John Forrest and he and his surveying team in early 1878 placed cairns on several observation points near the hill-tops overlooking the valley that we will be walking through.

    Western Australia's most famous bushranger Moondyne Joe also once roamed the slopes of the Avon Valley (between 1855 and 1861).

    The hike will follow the Avon river from Bell's Rapids in the Swan Valley and finishes in Toodyay where we will stop for a beer and possibly a meal at one of the local taverns. There is also a train line that follows the river, along with a support track for the train line and we will try to use this as little as possible, preferring to follow the river itself.

    The hike is approximately 60km (37 miles) and we'll be doing 30km (18.5miles) a day with our overnight stop at the Valley Campsite in the Avon Valley National Park. Here is a link to a rough google map of the hike.

    It's winter in Australia at the moment, and the long range forecast is for rain, rain and bit more rain. We're hoping that it won't be too stormy, otherwise we may have to cancel. If it's just drizzle or water with no storms, I'm hopeful we'll still attempt the hike.

    I've posted this in the trip planning section as we're still planning it at the moment and will ask that this post be moved to the trip reports section once we've completed it and can post up some videos and photos.


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