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    Superfly Praise and question(s)

    so i get home today to discover some boxes be awaitin fer me. i started dancing, extremely white i might add. i set the one marked WARBONNET aside for the last, and when i opened it, i swore i was shipped the wrong thing!

    so my only other tarp ive had was a chinook 12 X 9.6 and it is decidedly NOT sil, and I wasnt thrilled, so i posted it to sell.

    so when i open my new box and see the package for the tarp was actually smaller than the chinook, i was concerned. until i stretched it out...

    man is this thing beautiful! i got the camo to be all ninja like (on a harley...) and i love it. pics soon...

    so my question is this:

    i have an AHE dual ridgeline deelio that ive taken the biners off the prusiks and just run them thru the little silver RL loops, and the rest normal with the micro biner to go around the tree. not sure if i like this method because i seemed to have had a hard time getting the RL tight/right, but thats something for me to play with since ive only setup a tarp once.

    anywho, i also got the nice bright yellow guy lines for the old tarp that are now on the SUPAFLY and all is well there.

    well what do you think i should use on the pull outs and doors? i was thinking shock cord on all those....

    also, would it be better to pitch the tarp first, pull outs the corner lines or corner lines before the panel pulls? was thinking if you did the pull outs before corners you could get the sides a little further out.

    oh the possibilities are endless!
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    I just ordered 100' of 1/8" shock cord from Paul for my Superfly (which I got today). I also got a tube of McNetts sealant to do up the seams.

    I got the singe ridgeline kit from him. The best way to set out the tarp is to set the ridgeline between the trees, then loosely attach the tarp. On your set up, make sure that you have the biners on the ends of the tarp and leave a bunch of sag across the tarp ridgeline. Set out the corners of the tarp using the shockcord or some 1.75 with shockcord loops tied in (there's a thread on HF somewhere explaining this, someone???)

    After you get all the ends tied out, they tighten up the ridgeline. You'll have a better sag in the middle and the rain will run off better.

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