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    Tarp Separate From Hammock

    I have a HH EXP UL with both the standard asym tarp and the bigger HEX tarp. I want to use the hex tarp in a second set of snakeskins with a second ridgeline so i can be under the tarp without having the hammock open. I got some cool camo mesh to use for the skins figuring i will follow the directions and dimensions on Just Jeff's site. i got 2 yards of matl so that should cover as the tarp has a length of around 11 ft along the center. But I am unsure as to how to make the ridgeline. Do I have to run a cord from one tree(or whatever the support may be) to the other with the tarp over top or can i just tie to the clips at the end of the tarp out to the support with nothing under the tarp for a ridgeline? Can I use my homemade tensioners with this setup too? a flapping tarp always seems to wake me up alot. Maybe the small tarp will get converted into an undercover someday as i prefer the extra coverage over me from the hex tarp. Thanks!

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    I use the McCat tarp and do not use a ridgeline. I think most people do not use one with their tarp. When you pull out on the ends of the tarp, it will pull the tarp tight enough. A couple people on either this site or (a good site also to check out) use a ridgeline that their tarp rest on. They said that it did not cause any wear on their tarp. I think that a tarp having a tarp rest on the ridgeline would have to cause some sort of wear in the long run, but that is just my opinion. YMMV

    On the snake skins, I can't remember if Jeff has it on his site but I added wire ties to the big open ends per one of the Jacks suggestion. It makes it easier to pull over the tarp.

    I use homemade tensioners based on the design v2 on Jeff's site. They work really well for me.

    Also welcome to the site.
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    My hex tarp is the MacCate Deluxe.

    I just use the stock hooks on the HH.

    With an open hammock I do use a ridge line. There is an HH pocket on the ridge line. The tarp is above the ridgeline and held taut with prusiks and mini-carabineers. The slack in the ridge line allows things easilyto be hung on the ridge line.
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    i don`t know if you`r intending to put a tensioner on the ridge line or not , but here`s what i discovered.
    i put tensioners on all 4 corners of my tarp, and also on one of the ridge lines.
    but i found that the tensioner for the ridge line causes problems.
    for one thing if the distance of the two trees i want to use are just a few inches farther than the length of the ridge line, the tensioner gets in the way.
    even if the trees are farther apart, it seems to be difficult to put enough tension on the ridge line w/ the tensioner on it.
    besides, the tensioners on the 4 corners keep the ridge line tight.
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    Also check out the snakeskin instructions on the JRB DIY page. Mine are quick and easy, but you'll get some wrinkling at the end. Works good with mesh, but I'd use the cone-shaped design for silnylon.
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    Thanks for the advice I'll let you know how it turns out...

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