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    Talking Sons first backpacking trip, report.

    So as I posted in trip planning I took my stepson on his first backpacking trip last weekend. Success!
    Saw some coyotes, deer, fish jumping, snow covered mountains, snow on the ground. His first real hiking push to get to camp. I thought skateboarding built more leg muscles. We went to a wilderness area that has a ban on fires which was a huge pain because there was so much available firewood. He was so disappointed when we got home he started getting stones together for a for pit in the backyard.yard.

    He also fell out of the hammock. Tried to get out by kneeling. It was hilarious.

    Forgot to take pics off our set up but here he is and the mountain over the lake is Three Fingered Jack. The burn you are seeing below the peak is from the B&B Complex fire that took out a large portion of the central cascades PCT.
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    Sounds like fun. Hope you guys get out some more.
    "We don't stop hiking because we grow old,
    we grow old because we stop hiking."

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