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    Need Superfly door/side tie outs,

    i went searching in town for bungee and cord locks to make the lines like the WBBB has on them to pull the side out, but no one had what i was looking for.

    so what i need is something for the doors and side pull outs on the SuperFly. i figured bungee? dont know. got that bright yellow line from AHE for the corners right now, so im good there.

    no idea what i need, but i want it to be simple (knot free if i can help it)
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    Shockcord is what you need. Same thing as bungee but much thinner and you can buy them in lengths. REI carries them in their stores and on-line. Walmart carries the Outdoor Products brand of cordlocks. They are not "mini" cordlocks but so far they work for me.

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