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    FYI: New Tarps In Stock

    Just as an FYI in case others hadn't heard yet....

    I saw their announcement on their facebook page and the updates to their site are live. DD Hammocks now has new tarps in stock. The updated green tarps now have reinforcement patches on all the tie-outs. (I think this is a very much needed update since most other manufacturers that I've seen have been doing this for a while.) They have also added a new solo sized tarp at 2.8mx1.8m (9.2ft x 5.9 ft). They don't recommend it for hammock use, because of the short length, but it is nice that they now have a small size if people wanted to lighten up their load. The solo weighs in at 490g (17.3 oz) which doesn't seem too bad at all especially for a PU coated polyester tarp and the price.

    They also updated their camo tarp (MC) and removed a bunch of tie-outs. I just bought a couple of these and I'm glad I got them before the change so I can still use the tie-outs to set up in "storm-mode" making corners into doors. From my communication with them recently it sounded like they were planning on having reinforcement on all of the tie-outs on all of their future tarps so hopefully that means they'll come out with the camo version with all 19 tie-outs with reinforcements.

    Here's a link:
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