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    The length of the starting fabric needs to be thought out _before_ you buy. What kind of end are you going to use? Channel end add no less than 6" for each end to the finished size. Whipped end.. add no less than 9" each end. Knotted end... add no less that 18" each end.
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    Thanks Again

    Thanks again everyone for the a 40% off coupon from Hancock fabrics in the mail today. I think that's the incentive I need to give it a try since 4 yds of ripstop will be less than $15. I picked up two 12 foot straps at harbor freight on sale for $3.99 on Saturday. They are rated at 300 pounds safe load but I think they are limited by the clips and the straps themselves should be rated at 500 lbs working load, 1500 lbs breaking strength. The clips came off in about two seconds after a sharp smack with a hammer on a masonry chisel. I feel ok loading at half the breaking load instead of he customary one third since they are new with no damage and won't be knotted. Your comments have helped me a great deal in determining what will and won't work. I'm planning on buying a blackbird if I find I can sleep well in a hammock (I have sleep apnea and thrash around when camping in a tent without my cpap).

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    Those straps should be fine. I've hung on them and I'm 210lbs..

    Follow Knotty's instructions for a very comfortable hammock, add a ridgeline with LOTS of sag. It takes a couple of nights to get used to, but it can be a very comfy hammock for very little work.
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