I'm thinking about making a hammock to try out the concept for comfort and I'm a little confused about the best material. Nylon by nature will stretch A LOT under load. However, every "how to" webpage about making a hammock says to make the body of the hammock out of 1.1 or 1.9 ripstop nylon. So, I have two questions ... 1) what fabric are the best quality ready made hammocks made of ? 2) wouldn't a nylon fabric hammock stretch a lot while sleeping on it.
? I weigh about 230 lbs which is the upper end of many hammock's weight limit, so stretching the fabric is a possible issue. My plan is to make something cheaply to see if its comfortable for me (I've checked the local hancock fabric and nylon ripstop is only about 4.50 a yard, although it seems to be an iffy quality fabric. (sometimes half of that with the right coupon)... if the hammock concept works for me I'll probably splurge and buy a nice ready made.