Looking for opinions or suggestions for stealth camping for a planned Presi traverse this Fall. Want to do it without rushing, so planning 3 nights. I stealthed a couple years ago on the upper end of Dry River Trail, so I know most of the trees at that elevation are too weak to hold a hammock. This year's trip will be starting north, first night at or near Valley Way Tentsite. Second night I'm looking at stealthing along Sphinx trail. Third night will likely be within a mile or two of Mizpah Spring hut. So, these are my questions:

1. What is Sphinx Trail like?
2. Is water available along Sphinx Trail before going all the way down to Great Gulf Trail?
3. How far down Sphinx do I need to go for decent hammocking trees?
4. Is there water sources within a 2 miles of Mizpah (not including the Hut, itself)


(btw, this is a duplicate question I posed on WB)