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    First overnight hang (AT hike)

    This was my first chance to get out do a real overnight hang. My buddy and I did a 20 mile two night hike from Pen Mar MD to Caledonia State Park PA. I have had several naps in my hammock at home and they have been wonderful. Our first night we got a late start and only got about 3 1/2 miles into the hike before dark fell on us. My diy hammock and tarp set up went up well with no problems and off to sleep I went. I slept well until about 4:00 am then I started to get a little chilled. I got up and put on a layer of clothes and off to sleep I went again. After about another hour or so I woke again with a chill. At this point I put my last layer of clothes on and added a sleeping pad to my set up and this was when I really slept well. I must say that I was surprised with the chills that I got considering I am a hot sleeper and when we went to sleep I was a little sweaty. I am happy that I brought the sleeping pad with me and did not opt to leave it at home. The next night never happened because we decided to hike the remaining 15 miles the next day and surprise out wives and kids. All in all I have never slept as well as I did that night. This trip confirmed that I am a hammock camper/hiker from now on.

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    Congrats on the trip, and welcome to the trees!

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