1. Please be honest when describing the condition of each piece of gear you want to sell.
  2. Gear should be in like-new condition with no damage, cuts, tears, stains, odors, etc.
  3. Please describe how and where the gear was stored when not in use (in stuff sac, in the sun, damp room, etc.)

  • Warbonnet Traveler Hammock, Double Layer, 1.1 oz, Slate green/grey, Adjustable Webbing Suspension
  • Warbonnet Traveler Bug Net
  • Warbonnet Silnylon Mamajamba with panel pulls, 132"x120", olive brown
  • Warbonnet Silnylon Big Mamajamba Door Kit, color match tarp or in charcoal
  • Warbonnet Winter Yeti
  • Warbonnet Carabiners, 1 pair

Thank you