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Thread: Whipping

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    Quote Originally Posted by olddog View Post
    I don't use any whipping on my diy hammock. During my experimenting with the SLS system I was adjusting the distance between the rings and also different folds on the hammock ends so I didn't want anything permanent. My SLS is muletape with hitched rings at 103", 12" muletape loops larkheaded thru rings and larksheaded around the folded ends of the hammock. I use Jeff's W fold on the foot and HC4U's fold at the head. Even though the muletape can be slick, it hasn't slipped yet on the polyester fabric. If it did slip I believe the bunched end hems will keep me off the ground/floor.
    OK, whipping is technically wrapping a spiral of smaller line around the end to keep it together. For our purposes, "whipping" will encompass any gathering method that lets you hang....

    Mule tape rocks. I still have 1000' of it or so... towed a friend's buggy a the desert with the stuff...
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    I've got plastic tie-wraps on my latest small DIY hammock. Seems okay so far.

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