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    IX of down for DIY quilt?

    This has probably been asked before, but I just don't have time to look through everything. For the price, would it be better to make a IX underquilt or a down underquilt? I will be making it myself and will not be bothered by wasted time but I want to make the best I can. I am aiming to making two UQs, one about 10* and one about 30*. All help will be appreciated.

    P.S. If I make the IX UQ I will be using sclittlefield's instruction's ( If I make the down underquilt I will use Hammock Engineer's direction's (
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    if you ask me... for the temps you are looking to fit go with down
    down per oz is pretty cheap anymore ... $6.50 an oz
    you can make a nice down UQ good to around 20-30F for around $75 if you shop around ... i have many post about quilts i made and i list where i got everything from so do a search and you will find them
    most ppl will tell you to do a search.... if you do you will find lots of great post on it that will help you out it is worth your time

    IX is nice i like it for summer time but for the temps your looks to hit down is the best bang for your buck if you ask me

    but to help speed things up here is where i get everything to make my quilts

    Down - hand down the best Down out there for the money Adam's down is more along the lines of 850 fill it's very good stuff and he charges $6.50 an oz with free shipping and he will pack it anyway you need it .. and thats a big help you don't want to deal with splitting up down from one big bag.. figure out what you will need Per Chamber and he can pack it as suck for you

    Fabric - this one is easy BWDD or i think it's called now
    he has some of the best prices on 1.1 ripstop at $3.00 a yard you can't go wrong.. and he has all the odds and ends you will needs even thread
    you can also ask Adam from Hammockgear he sometimes has some fabric thats around the same price

    there the 2 places i get my stuff from and there both great to deal with ship fast you will be happy with there service

    now to figure out how much down you will need per chamber you can use
    LxWxH/fill power
    here is an Ex. for you

    say your making a UQ thats 40x46 and you want it 3 season so a good baffle size for 3 season is 2 inch high and your going to use 800 fill it would be 46x40x2 / 800 =4.6oz ... that means to fill the airspace you would need 4.6oz of down... but always add about 20-30% more to fill it out nice but not too much..too much will degrade the R value since there will be no dead air space for the hot air to fill
    so say 6oz of down i alway add at least 2oz or around it ..
    now a good size for chambers is 5inch... the smaller the better but you don't want them so small you can't fill them too big and the down will move around and cause cold spots... so 5/40= 8 you want 8 chambers...
    now split the 6oz into 8 6/8= .75oz per chamber with this much down at this size you should be good down to 30F easy ....
    also you want a Differential cut .. it's just adding alittle more to your top shell to give the down more room so it doesn't compress with weight in the hammock....

    ok.. i hope this all helps you out and if you have any questions please ask... feel free to PM me if need be
    and good luck on your UQ

    oh yeah.... Pics
    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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