OK, so as the elected president (still trying to figure this one out ) of NEHHA (New England Hammock Hangers Association) I think its time we try and figure out where the next hang for the fall should be.

It would be best for a group site that has lots of trees, like we had up at Mohawk Trail State Forest. Or we could pick a campground and just have everyone pay for there own site.

The location does not have to be a state park. It could be a private campground or someones house that has lots of trees.

I know that I said that I would like to keep it in or near Massachusetts, as it is the center for New England but I have no problem if everyone votes to have it farther North or South in R.I. or CT. I would think that the closer to main Highways, the easier it is for people to attend.

I would like to see the event 3 times a year if no one has any objections. These would happen in the Spring, Fall, and Winter.
I know that we will most likely have fewer people show up in the winter, but it would be fun to hang out for a night or two. Besides winter events are fun and a great learning experience for anyone that wants to try it.

OK so please post your location ideas and then I will list them in a poll and we can go from there.

The date for all locations should be in by July 25 so we have time to make plans and pick a date.

Gene G.
President of NEHHA