I'm living in Japan and need a tarp for my WBBB 1.1dl.
I want to buy some cheap rain protection until I get more experience and learn exactly what my needs are. I'm making a trip up to Hokkaido in about a month and I'm trying to avoid shipping fees by buying inside Japan.

Here are some (relatively) low cost ones I've found. They all include steel poles, but obviously I will be ditching those. The weights listed include the poles so the site info isn't of much use. I couldn't find any reviews/information on these brand names. Sorry but all the text is in Japanese- I'll put the spec info below the links:


Rakuten: W440xL440xH220. Polyester.
Amazon1:W430L350H200cm. Polyester. 1000mm water resistance. Weight (with poles) 2.8kg
Amazon2:400cmx420cm. Polyester

Since my blackbird hasn't shipped yet, if these are all bad options, I can still add a tarp to my order there (and combine shipping). I was considering the MJ or asym-diag but am trying to save a bit of money by choosing one of the above.