Hi let me start by thanking you all for such a great resource the information here is fascinating I'm hoping that I can get some experienced opinions before I invest in a setup I dont know what the real cost of DIY vs Buying one is I do own a sewing machine and know how to use it though it might be kinda tough to find space to lay out the fabric for cutting and such also I need to have a tent by the end of the month so ordering bits from here and there and waiting on shipping I could see myself running out of time real quick so if it turn out that DIY is significantly cheaper or will fit my needs better I would want to be able to get the materials from joanns/hobby lobby/hardware stores

the main points I need to address are
  • I'm some where between 350-400lbs
  • I need to be able to add a couple poles and a under tarp in case there isnt a good place to hang
  • I tend to sleep on my sides
  • I can tend to move a lot when I sleep switching back and forth between sides and am afraid of the extra stresses bouncing like that can cause
  • weight of the gear is not that important to me yet it'll mostly be used car/bike camping
  • bug netting is a must as mosquitoes are a really problem where I live

from the looking I've done I'm considering one of these skeeter-beeter-pro, Blackbird Double Layer 1.7oz (olive green),
Switchback - 1.9 Double Layer

are these good options? will they live up to their weight ratings or split once my fat rear sits down in em? I like the price on the skeeter beeter from grand trunk but i would still need a tarp and other rigging right?

I do want to not want to have to invest too much in getting started but I know its usually cheaper in the long run to buy right the first time than to buy twice so thanks in advance for your help on this