Thank you folks from your support. I'm now in the town of Santa Fe, about 120 miles from the Costa Rican border. I'm trying to recover from a case of hemorrhoids, so that gives me time to catch up with friends and family.

I have yet to run the tropical hammocking review, but it'll get done, no worries. Also, the girl uploading my videos on the web is a bit behind schedule. But the photos are pretty up-to-date.

To answer some of your remarks:

I missed the town of Anton, because I chose a much wilder route north of it, we had to do a little bushwhacking no doubt, and there were sections were the only possible navigation was by river so we either rented dugouts, or built balsa rafts. I just finished that section last week.

Regarding the Colombian border, I picked the spot for the beginning of the hike very carefully, so as not to run into "irregulars". We started the hike in the middle of the cloud forest, on Mt Nique, where there is no human influence at all, not even trails. We only knew it was the border based on our maps and gps devices. Also, I decide to begin the hike from Colombia to Costa Rica and not the other way around, so as to do the most risky part first and get it over with, before the media caught sight of us.

Well, thanks again for your kind words of support. Hope to be back with you all later.

Un abrazo,