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    Quote Originally Posted by ewok View Post
    BillyBob, have you ever tried a layer or two of IX inside your SS to augment your insulation? I have a SS and have wondered if that would work to increase the temp range.

    ETA: 100th post Whooo Buddy!!
    Yay, Ewok of 100!

    I sure have. I still have a lot of experimentation to do on that front. But I have put the IX on top of the pad and got a major boost. Since my IX quilt was designed specifically for an HH Explorer, the fit is perfect. I have experimented a bit with replacing the pad with just the IX, but don't yet have conclusive results. I'm thinking the pad/space blanket was a bit warmer than just the 2 layer IX, both inside the UC. But I'm not sure yet.

    I also placed this same IX UQ inside a PeaPod on a 26*F night. With no TQ, but wearing warm fleece clothing and using a light puffy jacket to seal around the neck/chest as needed. I was mostly way too hot that night, and had to do some major venting. Previous experience with a similar set up but no IX, and I was just barely warm enough at about the same temps, while doing almost no venting. So I guess it was the IX under me that caused a major boost in the PeaPod.

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    I agree regarding the insulated hammock idea. I've made and used both synthetic and down insulated hammocks, as per the ones on Risk's site (has he fallen off the face of the hammocking world?)
    I never had a problem with overheating in mine. But then, I don't think overheating is really a concern with hammocks... I've always been surprised that this idea has not taken off.

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    the insulated hammocks sound pretty aweasome. ive seen some pictures a while back. love to see some more if anyone makes one
    Dale Gribble: I'm thinking, "new hammock." For me, laying and swaying in a hammock is like a steady morphine drip without the risk of renal failure.

    Randy : yea but just remember yer roots and where ya come got Hennessy in yer blood son......

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