Just ordered the Rab Quantum Top Bag from Dpt of Goods for $103. It has 7 ounces of down weighs either 14 or 16 ounces (conflicting info, I'll post when i get it), uses pertex quantum and 800 fill down (750 UK measurement). I read the reviews at BPL, and the feed back was that it was a little tight and that the down didn't drape as far as they like. Just bought a sewing machine too, so I plan to just cut down the middle and hem the edges to make it similar to any other quilt (i.e. golight or hammock gear) and given that I'm in a hammock and not the ground, the underquilt should solve the problems the ground dwellers had with the insulation not going far enough under you. Should be a good first DIY project. Seems like a real steal for $103 and minimal modifications needed. Once it gets colder I may cut the baffles open and put another ounce of down in there, but we'll see how she does in the summer first.