Toober, that is one amazing stand! I really enjoyed reading about how you made it. And I marvel that you're getting ready to do ANOTHER one after all that! Maybe you didn't breathe enough machine oil fumes yet. Might want to get the shop to drill the holes next time.

I'll be very interested in seeing how you do the next one, especially if you do it without the spine-killer bar down the middle. How about just 2 inverted Vs with two bottom bars joining the legs and no cross bars at the bottom to trip over? That would take a lot more metal tubing, though, so might be way too heavy even with smaller tubing.

So happy to see that your hammock is a mayan. That's what I use all the time at home, but I may switch over to a Brazilian in the winter. I may have to copy your stand if I can find a metal shop around here!