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    Can't get any easier than webbing and cinch buckles. And honestly the weight difference from whoopies isn't all that much. I count ounces and still rely on cinch buckles. Also I have the newer version of Warbonnet's cinch buckles which don't require the backup knot.

    As far as clips go, they do the same thing as biners, just lighter weight! (and just as easy) Bottom line for that, if you have biners, just use those. If you have some extra cash and want to experiment, get some clips!

    For tarps... get some Dutch Flyz!!

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    cinch buckles
    Quote Originally Posted by WV View Post
    Thanks, Knotty. What's the lightest webbing these cinch buckles will work with?
    Don't really know WV. My main focus was that these are for 1" strap. The same time I was using these I was also using a WBBB with the Bison Design cinch buckles. The Bison version was for a wider strap, maybe 1-1/4 or 1-1/2" and with the 1" strap it wasn't secure and did damage to the strap.

    Quote Originally Posted by DemostiX View Post
    Knotty: Do the hard work for me:

    I gather from what says about itself, that unless they tell me otherwise, I can expect all the metal parts and buckles are rated for body-suspension?

    IOW, they aren't sourcing welded parts which may have good welds, maybe not?

    (I know, you are not morally or legally responsible for their failures in their stuff, etc, etc.)
    On Rope 1 brands themselves as being "for the serious rope user" and the cinch buckle page specifically states "rated for life support." That's good enough for me.

    Downside is they're a tad heavy but that's not a concern to the original poster and I like being safe too.
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