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    Thank you folks for indulging me. I've been wondering why this is such an important thing to me so I nosed around a little bit. I found out some things that help me put some stuff together.

    1) Because I am the author of some extremely basic videos on gear making I can tend to get some very basic questions from people who do not have a whole lot of experience. Both in the forums and through my Youtube channel (224 subscribers at last check... who would've thought) I may get more than my share of confusion. So it may be on my radar more than other folks. That's not a critique... it's an observation.

    2) Clarity is really important to me. That's a personal issue. I don't like euphemisms. May be it's because I spent three years in school learning words that vast majority of the world never use and most people who do don't understand them anyway.

    3) Context matters. I look at the on-line listing and I often see more guests than members logged in. That figure is interesting but not particularly meaningful by itself. So I dug around the DIY community a bit thanks to you fine folks and came to a conclusion. In general, we have a very high level of knowledge and experience in the active DIY community. People who come to, or stumble in and stay are already very highly functioning DIY people to start with.

    Putting all that together, this is still an important issue to me and the clarity is still helpful. But it matters more to people who don't make up the majority of the community here.

    I'm still going to change my wording and approach to be as accurate and basic as I can. Because that's who I am. I would still encourage others to do so as well for the times when we get the stark new comer into our presence. But all in all, if it ain't broke... don't fix it.

    Thanks for the platform and feed back. I appreciate it all.

    It was never my intention to create the forum in a certain manner. Nor to dictate protocol or terminology. I believe my concern has merit for those folks who find it applicable but as a forum... we're a pretty high functioning group.
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    Clarity and correct terminology are very helpful to me.

    I frequently use Google when I don't understand or need additional info. Correct terminology gives good results. Otherwise, it's garbage in...garbage out.

    Thanks for all of your help.

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