Could it be possible to create a section or subsection for scouts and scoutmasters? Not sure where the proper place for this would be. Possibly in the member section or even in general hammocking section.

I have never been a scout nor involved with scouts. Neither am I anti-scout in my suggestion. It just seems that there has become a fairly large amount of posts related to scouting that could easily fill its own section or subsection and could aid scouts and scoutmasters in getting information specifically related to what they want to know. There also seems to be a fair amount of asking for donations or donations offered to scouts or scout groups and this would provide a more appropriate place for this.

I appreciate any consideration of this and realize there is a lot of hesitancy in creating new sections as they make the forum larger and more to manage but I think a new section in this case could help to clean up the spread of scout related posts.

Sorry for any or many run on sentences.