I spent the past week at scout camp with my son. I took the hammock for a wonderful weeks sleep. I have whoopie slings on my HH and have had success just using a stick off the ground for the marlin spike. Apparently I didn't verify the stick I used at the head of the hammock very well. Around 2 am on the third night I awoke from a dead sleep with a pain in my back and realized that the floor of the hammock was hard, very hard. When I finally gained all of my senses I realized that I must have fallen. I rolled out of the hammock onto the ground and found that the marlin spike was completely gone with no evidence that it was ever there. I retied the marlin spike with another stick, all I could find at 2 am and still catching my breath, and climbed back in. I made it the rest of the week with using the sticks but have decided to move on to something more sturdy.