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    SOLD Hiking suvival goodies


    I have some duplicates, so I put together one of my favorite hiking survival and essentials kits. This is top quality gear, not a collection of junk that will fail you when you are between a rock and a hard spot.
    Items included:

    *AMK double heatsheet emegency space blanket, new, 3.5oz a packaged

    *Silva Type 20 mirrored sighting compass, used, 1.6oz. Great for multiple use too, with the mirror for sighting, signaling, personal grooming.

    *Petzl e+lite headlamp, used. Later model with whistle.

    *REI Versalink with the following tools (2.8oz total):
    *Mini Bic lighter with lanyard and o-ring safety, new
    *Light My Fire mini firesteel and striker, new
    *ACR whistle, used
    *Bison Designs capsule with 4 Tinder Quick fire starting tinder tabs, new
    *Leatherman Style multi-tool with knife, scissors, file, tweezers, new
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