I took an opportunity to get out yesterday for a solo campout. I went to the mouth of an unnamed canyon near home. There's a grove of Aspen that extends about 1 mile up a canyon between 2 hills that are 50 yards apart with a small seasonal stream. You couldn't design a nicer place to chill out. I'm retired and 62 and have arthritis, so I car camp when I have the opportunity.

Strung up my WBBB. No tarp needed. The weather was really nice!

Seared a nice steak in the coals of my cook fire

After turning in, I had to take the "Inside the Hammock" photo

I had read here that the use of a standard sleeping bag is difficult in a hammock because it's hard to get everything straightened out and arranged once you're in the hammock, so here's what I did. I don't know if anyone else has tried this but it worked like a charm. Since I only have a semi mummy-type bag at the present, I'm glad I figured this out:

Lay the bag open in the hammock with the near side aligned with the entry. Take the far side of the bag and drape it over the ridge line from the back. When you enter the hammock, grab the edge of the hammock as well as the near side of the bag and sit. As you twist and lay back, the far side of the bag slides from the ridge line and is well positioned to be used as intended without a lot of squirming about.