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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramblinrev View Post
    maybe.... maybe not. You would need to check with the supplier to make sure you get 60" fabric. The listings states 46" - 60". 46" would IMO be _much_ too narrow for a big guy especially. Check it carefully with the vendor. Supplex is a very nice material but it needs to be wide enough.

    Edit: another description states 60". Conflicting information. I would suggest you check it anyway.
    Yea it says in the description its 60". I will message her.

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    Tip #10 from Speer Hammocks states: "If you are between 250 and 350 pounds: use Supplex in 2.5 to 3.5 oz/yd2 weights and 1"-wide polypropylene or polyester webbing straps."
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