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    $26 Parachute Nylon made by VIVERE
    12'x14' chinook
    Military Sleep Sys
    So i tried it out (the day I got it) and I did like it, aside from the fact I forgot to stretch it out first, and ended up with my butt on the ground by morning, lol.

    we set up a bit too close to the fire (even having fire SMALL), and I discovered a small hole in the roof from an ash/spark.
    Can I patch this with a small piece of duct tape until I get some Tarp Tape, or will the removal destroy roof tarp? Also, would Duct tape even work? I would cut the "top" of the tape to be an arch, thus letting any rain run away, as opposed to pooling up which would be more apt to leak.

    I have made a few mods to this hammock. The first was a simple mod, I shortened the tie outs, so there would be less rope to stretch, and allow for closer trees. I tend to like my trees to be about 12' apart, not 14' or more.

    The next mod I did may sound confusing, but i will be doing a video to show it next time I use it.

    I found that in spite of a spread bar/sticks to hold it flat, the corners would still slip in towards center. I bypassed this issue in field by tying cord from loop then across stick, to next loop (hard to explain), however, I found this to be too complicated, tedious, etc.

    Tonight, I purchased 4 PVC end caps and some All-Round. I attached the end caps via all-round to the 4 corners. In theory, this will allow me to run the stick/spreader through loops and secure it into the end caps, preventing the hammock from gathering at the ends.

    I used the largest end caps I could find, which ended up being 1" or 1 1/2" and it was threaded on inside. I could, in theory, take along pre-cut spreaders, however I'm sure there will be sufficient materials in the woods to be used, and with such faith, that is how I plan to test this mod.

    Please stay posted, and I will post a video as soon as I test this.

    (plan is Aug. 13-14 hammock outage, taking a friend, so I'll be taking both of my hammocks, thus being "forced" to test this out, lol)
    My Hammock camping adventures, and more can be seen here:
    ***WARNING! Many of my videos contain language some may find inappropriate!***

    Thanks for all your help, advice and more!

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    I just got one of these in a trade on another forum only mine is done in woodland camo. I traded a Case Blue Bone Trapper for mine,the Hammock was like new. It's my first hammock...I tried to hang it today but I don't think I done it right. I still want something lighter so maybe a GT SkeeterBeater is next !

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    i have one of these style hammocks and i like it but it is different than a gathered end hammock style. it is a much 'flat-er' lay. i replace the huge ropes and welded ring with better ropes and a smc aluminium ring.

    for spreaders i just take a stick and use my folding saw to cut a slot in the end of the stick(about an inch deep) and slip the nylon loop into that on each end. i dont put a spreader on the foot end.

    the tarp top is not waterproof for rain. also there are numerous holes from lousy sewing which would need to be filled so i just use a tarp if i need rain protection. also the sewn in tarp top is too small to fend off rain.

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